Collection: Dog Treat Boxes

Introducing our Natural Dog Treat Subscription Boxes! At Hack & Hound, we offer monthly or fortnightly deliveries of natural dog treat boxes starting from £5. Our collection caters to all breeds and sizes, ensuring every pup gets a taste of goodness.

Tailored for sensitive stomachs, our Veggie Treats Box provides nutritious, veggie based options that are gentle on the tummy and delicious. For those seeking long-lasting satisfaction, our YAKERS Chews are made from Himalayan Yak milk and are

100% natural.

Customisation is key, and our treat boxes can be personalised to suit your dog's preferences and dietary needs. From allergies to specific tastes, we've got you covered.

What's more, as a subscriber, you'll enjoy the added benefit of up to 15% off on every box. Join our subscription service today and have a world of flavours and textures delivered to your doorstep. Treat your furry companions with our Dog Treat Subscription Collection and keep those tails wagging with joy.

*Take out a monthly subscription over £20 and get a free gift worth up to £30.95!*